Never re-use your e-mail IDs

Never re-use your e-mail IDs

When it comes to e-mail, the rule is simple: don't use the same e-mail for all websites.

It is a common practice, but sometimes it can become too convenient. Sharing one e-mail address with multiple sites can make it easy for hackers to get hands-on with your e-mail from data breaches.

This can lead to data leaks and even identity theft—and that's not something we want to happen!

~ ~ (a ghost from my past - screenshot attached, used to have the same e-mail for all websites) ~ ~

So how can you keep your e-mail account safe? The best way is to compartmentalise your e-mails e.g., One e-mail for social media, One private e-mail for banking and One E-mail for personal use most importantly, for junk website sign-up, try to use burner e-mail services like This way, one e-mail breach won't impact other compartments.

Be safe out there.

P.S.: you can see if your e-mail is breached at