Top Parental Control Tools to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Top Parental Control Tools to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Shield Your Children from Online Dangers Using Parental Controls

In a world that's become increasingly tech-oriented to the extent that the current generation of children are literally known as "i-Pad babies" as well as the concerningly rapid evolution of AI, ensuring the safety of children has become more important than ever.

This is where parental control steps in. It ensures that the parents of young, naïve, and vulnerable children are able to monitor and restrict their children's online activities and protect them from most, if not all, forms of potential cyber threats.

By setting up parental controls, parents can rest easy knowing their children are using the internet in a safe manner. Not to mention, it ensures that the kids are exposed to limited screen time, which is rather important for a child's physical and mental development.

Apple: Parental Control Android: Install on parents phones for reference go here

Here are some of the parental control options that parents can use for the safety of their little ones:

• Content filtering: setting up filters that prevent children from accessing inappropriate websites and other violent or adult content. You can also protect your child from the harm caused by short-form content platforms with inappropriate videos by locking those websites.

• Safe Search Settings: Similar to content filtering, enabling safe search settings on search engines ensures that children only have access to age-appropriate content. You can go as granular as blocking words they CANNOT search.

•Time Limits: Parents can set up time limits on devices so that the children can't use the device or access the internet for more than the allotted time per day.

• Privacy Settings: The privacy Settings: The privacy settings of apps can be adjusted in a way that the information is shared in a more controlled manner.

• Monitoring Apps: These apps allow parents to track their children's location and monitor their online activities, such as the websites they visited, who they interact with on social media, and what messages are being sent and received. It also helps with locking down the app stores so that kids cannot click on sneaky ads and download malicious apps without their parents permission.

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